Szwecja. Sąsiad, o którym
myślałeś, że wiesz

Szwecja. O wiele więcej.

This text about Sweden is still  under production. Please be patient and follow our information: „Sweden in a Box!”

Zatrudnienie i stabilność

What makes Sweden so special? Attention to detail is a a national passion, regardless if it’s about building some of the best cars in the world, or simply how to make a society run like a good machine. 

Equality and a „flat” organization is vital: You don’t have to ask 4 secretaries for permission to meet the chief of department. You knock in his door. The Polish vertical structure is non-existent, whether it’s in a workshop or in the local government. 

Employment, tariffs are traditionally negotiated centrally together with the trade unions, even if local deals are more common now than before.

The result is fewer conflicts because everyone feels they have a voice, and so there is peace and stability in the workplace: You know what will happen to your economy.

Szwecja. Po prostu działa.

Szwecja. Udany eksperyment społeczny w demokracji.

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