Nic wielkiego nigdy nie powstało samotnie. STS Rekrutacja potrzebuje partnerów i kreatywnych ludzi do rozwoju. Razem jesteśmy w stanie zaoferować ci coś nowego. Czytaj więcej tutaj!

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What we do
SFI / Language learning:
Professional SFI Language Method for Sustainable
learning the Swedish language incl. further training of SFI teachers.

Provision of new arrivals for employment with the right salary and working conditions based on the language certification.

Accommodation Agency:
Development of proper housing for the applicants that are in our language program

Mental Integration Balance:
We help to integrate the applicants and eliminate the stress factor that usually complicates the process of settling not only in a new job, but also in a new environment.

Self employed without having your own company!

Run your business as your own without your own company and experience the simplicity and freedom of being self-employed. 

When you become a self-employed by the Companies Company, you work with what you are best at and bill without having to start and run your own business.

 As a self-employed person, it is important to hire a self-employment or billing company that has a long-term and stable economy and provides you with confidence and good advice. 

The company has been in the market since 1999 when we started self-employment, ie. Let talented entrepreneurs employ themselves as self-employed without their own company.


Future Bemanning Sverige AB is an authorized manning company with human focus. 

We work with staff in both the civil servant and the public sector. We who stand behind Future have long experience from both large and small players in the industry. 

We have a solid knowledge of both selling and purchasing staffing and recruitment services. This means that we can easily understand the customer’s situation.

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